Business Progress & Understanding Causalities. Day-to-day progress for any business firm involves transitions from existing to projected states of affairs. To accomplish these transitions with excellence, it is necessary that firms have clarity with respect to causalities shaping their business environment and that their actions to modify the environment have consistent efficacy. Until recently, intelligently managed firms could by and large navigate their environments with the cognitive poise these maneuvers presuppose. Executives were confident about their orientation. Their judgments were in harmony with the environment often enough to generate progress within normal probability distributions, in respect of which highly-proficient firms excelled. 

For many of today’s companies, however, business environments are more difficult to explain and their effects are harder to manage than in the past. A number of interrelated phenomena produce these conditions. We describe this as affecting the complexity of contemporary states of affairs. This is not to imply anything metaphysical. Greater complexity follows mathematically when the variables affecting any firm’s business environment are multiplying, as is the case today.

Explanatory Power. Explanation, Projection and Measurement are the capabilities by which the causal variables of the environment are understood and managed. It is important, however, that these fundamentals be exercised with a robustness suited to the environment's current causal milieu. For many challenges today, traditional business thinking is not up to that task - not because it is wrong but because it hasn't evolved apace with the richer dimensionality that complex environments present; its conceptual moorings are outdated. This precludes firms from taking full advantage of the Explanatory Power they increasingly require to understand and manage causalities in 21st Century commerce.  Pragmatica supplies the conceptual framework in terms of which Explanatory Power can be generated by firms to strongest advantage - crystallizing their purpose and impelling them toward projected spaces that increasingly establish their instantiation in commerce.  

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