About Us

Corporate Advisory. We are a corporate advisory firm. Like many such firms, we serve companies challenged by today's uncertain business environments. Two key differences in approach distinguish us from other consultancies. The first is our design orientation. Contemporary business challenges are complex and highly nuanced. Generating the clarity needed for inspired forward movement requires a kind of cognitive finesse that is the hallmark of design thinking as we define it. The second difference is Pragmatica, an ontology of commerce developed by the firm. As the name suggests, Pragmatica offers a robust analytical framework to achieve concrete, pragmatic objectives - of which two are fundamental: (i) Strong clarity about causalities at work in complex environments and (ii) actions that have penetrating efficacy notwithstanding (and often by virtue of) the environment's complex states.

Explanatory Power. Our focus is the fluid interplay of Explanation, Projection and Measurement. These are the core aptitudes of business judgment in any era, but today their vibrant exercise requires more conceptual and empirical rigor than in the past. This analytical style is not suited to all temperaments. Our orientation resonates most with executive teams and boards who have a burgeoning sense that conventional modes of business thinking are falling behind the environment's rate and intensity of change, and are anxious to sustain the exceptional judgment required for staying ahead of those curves. 

Complex environments are not inherently adverse. They are richer ensembles of probability states. Compared to business environments historically, their dynamics offer stronger and more permanent growth when correctly acted upon, even as they cause greater harm and disability when misunderstood.  The key is to enlarge the former while blunting the threat of the latter. We help executive teams and boards achieve those aims by leveraging the power of Explanation, Projection and Measurement within the enriched conceptual framework that Pragmatica offers.

Purpose of Our Website. Because the value of our services depends on our being exactly who we are by aptitude and temperament, the primary purpose of our website is to give corporate executives and boards a sense for how we think about the nature of contemporary commerce - our conceptual framework and design philosophy, our modes of analysis, the types of insights we deem valuable, the languages we speak, the functional competencies we apply, our research, the logic of our technologies, our professional style, and so forth. 

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